Production culture

Production culture
INTERPIPE STEEL is the mill, where human values and needs top the chart.
The mill has introduced a unique production culture to ensure that employees feel comfortable at work.
Here are just some of its components:
· Modern conveniences and working and administrative areas,
· Convenient working clothes with individual design for every profession, and
· On-site cafeteria of the mill.
Personal service rooms of the mill have an innovative zoning system arranged, dividing the entire space into the home clothes zone, hygiene zone, and working clothes zone.
Every employee has an individual locker for keeping his/her personal things and home clothes at the personal service rooms, and 3 sets of uniform, which are taken care of by the Company, at the working clothes zone. Thus, the mill’s employees get everything they need: from shampoo and a towel at the shower area, to convenient working clothes and personal protective gear for the work at their shops.

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