The Maneken

The Maneken “Pulse of Interpipe” – an anthem of the industrial Dnipropetrovsk

November 2012
Yevgeniy Filatov, one of the most famous electronic musicians of Ukraine, a DJ and a composer, known under the stage name The Maneken, has recently become a guest of INTERPIPE STEEL.
After this visit a new composition will come into the world, and INTERPIPE STEEL has deservedly participated in this process. The Maneken has decided to create a new hit, the sound of which will be based on the “voice” of the facility – a number of sounds, recorded at the mill.
Having prepared a switched on a portable recorder and a large professional microphone, Yevgeniy has walked around the production facilities of INTERPIPE STEEL.
According to The Maneken, he, as a creative person, needs feelings and impressions, which will be subsequently “melted” into the music.
The very talented DJ has derived his inspiration from the state-of-the-art industrial technologies – sounds of melted metal and the roar and rumble of the multi-ton equipment and machinery. All these things have been fitted into the modern dance style somewhere between the dubstep and trance.
On November 16 the “Time-Out” club hosted the presentation of the track, called “Pulse of Interpipe”. Taking part in the party, devoted to the International Students’ Day, The Maneken rejoiced the hearts of his fans with a new experimental track “Pulse of Interpipe”. This was quite symbolic, since many employees of INTERPIPE STEEL are yesterday's students: 76% of the staff have a university degree and the average age of the employees is only 31 years.



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