Detail about the tour

Detail about the tour
INTERPIPE STEEL is the first industrial facility, built from the scratch over the entire period of the Ukrainian independence, and the largest electric steel-melting complex in Europe and the CIS.
The process of implementation of such projects is normally shown only at the Discovery Channel. And you have the opportunity to see it with your own eyes.
The Company arranges and carries out regular tours at the INTERPIPE STEEL mill.
While touring at the mill, you will learn the following:
- The history of construction of the only super high-voltage 330 kV cable line in Ukraine and how it was laid under the ground, the Samara River, and the railway without any stoppage of the trains;
- The way some of the best engineers in the world work to create the largest electric steel-melting complex;
- Features allowing the mill to become environmentally friendly, marking the commencement of the “green” metallurgy era.
Dialing (067) 622-56-10 you can sign up for a tour and get some additional organizational information.
We are waiting for you at the tour!

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