Metallurgists of the mill have become ESQUIRE heroes
December 2012
In December 2012 the innovation mill INTERPIPE STEEL, together with the men’s magazine Esquire, arranged and conducted quite unusual photographing. The editorial staff of the world-famous magazine Esquire, being strongly impressed by the things they had seen at the up-to-date mill, ventured quite an audacious experiment and decided to invite, for participation in the edition’s fashion project, not the professional models, but employees of the “INTERPIPE STEEL” electric steel-melting complex – metallurgists, engineers, and steel casters.  

The photo session “Apparel out of turn”, taking place at the INTERPIPE STEEL mill, has become a praiseworthy adornment of the Esquire December issue!
Looking through the pictures of employees, proposed by the Company, Esquire magazine photographer and Art Director have selected a number of models for the photo session.

Dressed in expensive and luxurious clothes, created by famous brands, employees of the mill looked quite organic against the background with the production facilities. 

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