Rules of metallurgists

Rules of metallurgists
Metallurgy favors the healthy way of life

INTERPIPE STEEL is the mill, which supports the healthy way of life
Smoking is strictly prohibited at the territory of the mill, and a number of breathalyzers are installed at the entrance to the facility.
All employees (from ordinary workers and up to the mill’s management) and visitors to the facility must go through the breathalyzer. If any alcohol is found in the blood, the employee will be discharged from his/her office, while the visitor will be prohibited to enter the facility.
INTERPIPE STEEL employees stick to the rules
       They go through the breathalyzer and come to their work place being drunk;
       They do not smoke;
       They do not sneak any prohibited items to the territory of the facility, including alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, large-dimension items, etc.
Internal discipline is first and foremost
To ensure convenient, fruitful, and successful work at the facility, its employees should adhere to certain rules. Any newcomer can learn them at his/her employment adaptation course or at information stands, located at the territory of the mill.
INTERPIPE STEEL employees stick to the rules
       They go through the metal detector at personal service rooms;
       They keep their home and working clothes separately;
       They do not eat at their work places;

     •       They eat twice a shift at the mill’s cafeteria during the specifically allocated periods of time.


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